Can You Dig It?

Carter County Museum Curator Nathan Carroll speaks to dig attendees during the 5th Annual Dino Shindig
Image by Sharon Carroll

The Dino Shindig continues to grow each year. It has become one of the largest events of the year in Ekalaka, bringing dino enthusiasts and tourists from all over the U.S.

This year marked the 5th anniversary of the event held each July in Ekalaka. Each year, more has been added to the slate of events, and each year, more and more people are coming to Ekalaka.

In 2014, about 250 people visited the museum over the three days surrounding the shindig. This year, 434 people attended Saturday’s events alone.

Last year the total audience over the course of the event was 589. This year that number was an astounding 906.

That increase in numbers led to an increase in sales at the museum’s gift shop. It also led to more customers walking through the doors of area businesses.

Sculpture demo by Doyle Trankina at the Dino Shindig
Image by Jenn Hall

Though it is a boost to the local economy, the Dino Shindig is about much more. It is a gateway for kids to become interested in paleontology, geology, archaeology, math, and more. Museum Director Sabre Moore stated that one of her favorite parts of the shindig was when one curious child “spent a lot of time asking questions while using the new microscope at the museum.” She went on to say that she believes the youngster may pursue a career in science.

Adults who are already enthusiasts learned from world-renowned authorities during the dino talks. Others enjoyed pitchfork fondue, bat walks, leaf talks, a dance, and visiting active dig sites.

The Dino Shindig has grown. This year it had something to offer for everyone, even for people who don’t like dinosaurs-that is-if those people even exist. According to anyone who attended the 5th Annual Dino Shindig last weekend in Ekalaka, they don’t.

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